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Packaging is crucial to the manufacturing and distribution industry. As a business owner, providing high-quality deliveries to your clients is essential. Shrink-wrap is a standard package solution that keeps your products safer during transportation and delivery. 

Neway Packing is a leading supplier of packaging equipment such as shrink-wrap. We have an inclusive inventory of products to suit multiple operations, from L-sealer to side sealer shrink-wrappers. Discover our shrink-wrap products and how they can help your business. 


Shrink-wrap is a plastic film that contracts when exposed to heat. Distribution centers use shrink-wrap to protect their products from water, weather and tampering. Shrink-wrap comes in many thicknesses, colors, clarities, strengths and types.

Shrink-wrap starts as a standard sheet of plastic. Once exposed to heat, the molecules move closer together and condense the wrap. Once the plastic cools, the wrap remains tightly secured to the box or package. 


Shrink-wrapping is a widespread practice for various reasons. There are many benefits to shrink-wrapping your products, including: 

  • Increased protection: Shrink-wrap keeps products secure on pallets and shields items from moisture and dirt. 
  • Improved presentation: Preventing damage enhances the product's overall quality. Shrink-wrap can also add a glossy shine to your products, especially for single-use items. 
  • Reduced costs: Shrink-wrap is an economical alternative to corrugated packaging. It is also versatile for working with multiple sizes and materials. 
  • Automatic wrapping: Automated shrink-wrapping machines reduce labor and let your workers focus on other tasks. 


We have a few different options for shrink-wrapping machines, including different brands, automation levels and sizes. 


Our inventory includes both Eastey shrink-wrappers and SMI shrink-wrappers, each line containing several models. We also carry the Texwrap L-sealer, Kallfass, Clamco, Belco, and Seal-a-tron. 



The machine's size impacts its output and capacity. If you are packaging small products with fewer production demands, a small manual machine might work for your business. Larger automated machines can streamline your operation and increase your productivity. 


If you're looking for a new packaging solution, Neway Packaging can help. We are a one-stop shop for all packaging solutions, including shrink-wrap machines and supplies. We provide service, installation and training for all products to ensure you get the most from every purchase. 

We understand every business is unique, and you might have special requirements for your operation. We have custom manufacturing capabilities to work with your needs. Our goal is long-lasting results for your packaging system, which is why we offer high-quality products and services that will last. 

For more information about our services, contact us online or call us at 310-898-3400. We will help you start your order as soon as possible.